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Story Writing 101

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Course Details

The Story Writing 101 course is a live lesson with a qualified intructor. The course teaches young learners the skills to create a story plot. Learners are also introduced to the various story themes and much more. 

Course Outline

The Story writing 101 course will teach learners:

  • About story themes. 
  • The elements of a story plot.
  • How to create character worlds.
  • About a stories main characters.
  • The importance of lessons in stories. 
  • Various means to end stories. 

Course Requirements

  • This course is applicable for ages  5-18.
  • No previous courses or knowledge are required.
  • A working pc, stable internet connection with webcam and mic are required.

Course Objectives

After taking this course learners will know:

  • How to select story themes in writing.
  • How to use a story mountain to plan a story. 
  • Creating character worlds.
  • Incorporating lessons in a story.
  • How to end a story.


After completion of this course learners will do an assignment. 


Learners are required to complete a story plot on a story mountain template, using a particular theme. 


Assignments should be submitted via the student dashboard. 


Intructors will provide assignment feedback on the student dashboard. Badges will be awarded to students based on their performance. 

7-8/10 = Good Work                

9-10/10 = Excellent Work

25 reviews for Story Writing 101

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