Home sweet Home

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About Course 

This course teachers young students about vocabulary in the home. The course also introduces learners to using pronouns ‘I’ and ‘You’. 

Course Outline

The home sweet home course teaches learners:

  • The meaning of ‘home’.
  • To use pronouns ‘I’ and ‘You’
  • Various rooms in the home.
  • The use of rooms in the home.

Course Objectives 

After this course students will know how to:

  • Speak about ‘home’.
  • Use pronouns ‘I’ and ‘You’ when talking about their home.
  • Speak and pronounce various rooms.
  • Identify purpose of rooms in a home. 

Course Requirements

  • This course is applicable for ages 5+
  • No previous courses or knowledge are required.
  • A working pc, stable internet connection with webcam and mic are required.


Online Quiz

After completion of this course young learners will do an online quiz.


Badges will be awarded to students based on their performance.

7-10/10 = Good Work

10 reviews for Home sweet Home

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