English CEFR Level Curriculum

Our English programme is aimed at learners who want to learn English as a second language. We have a wide range of live online courses which are instructed by our online teachers. Our course material are developed according to CEFR levels or British learning standards.

CEFR Curriculum

Our curriculum is created to suit learner’s English ability, according to their CEFR level. Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking, Writing and Reading curriculum. All students are req

What is CEFR Level?

CEFR also known as the Common European Framework is a reference for languages, is an international standard level for language learners.

English Test

Take the English test for free, to understand your English level and ability. The test assesses your level between an A1 (Elementary) to C1 (Advanced) level. Please paste this is your registration profile. This gives us an understanding of your English level and ability, and will assist in evaluation and feedback.

Why take English Score?

After taking the English test you will receive a quick and accurate test of your English level. The British Council test assesses your proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening and can be used for self-improvement. You can use your score as proof of your English language level.


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