About Course 

The Bullying Intermediate course is a live class, intructed by an online teacher. Students participate in various speaking, reading and listening activities. 

Course Outline 

The Bullying Intermediate course teaches students: 

  • Vocabulary related to bullying.
  • Accurate grammar about the topic.
  • The various reasons people bully. 
  • To listen for facts in a real life story.
  • To identify solutions for anti-bullying. 

Course Objectives 

After this course learners will know how to: 

  • Use vocabulary in sentences, and when speaking about bullying.
  • Apply the correct grammar when speaking and writing. 
  • Discuss reasons people bully. 
  • Listen and identify facts in a given topic. 

Course Requirements

  • This course is applicable for students in an English Intermediate level.
  • A working pc, stable internet connection with webcam and mic are required.


In class assessment 

Students are assessed on listening and speaking activities in class. Feedback will be provided to students and corrections. 

Online quiz (Optional)

After completion of this course students can complete an online quiz.

Quiz Scoring

Badges will be awarded to students based on their performance.

Score 8-10/10 = Excellent work. 

Booking Instructions

1. Refer to teacher list (select desired teacher)

Click here - Teacher List

2. Book slot – Date & Time

3. Pay

Book & Pay for the course.

Make payment & input teacher info (Including date & time)

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