Bear English School is an online International learning provider of ESL Lessons for all age groups.

We teach English as a second language to all ages, creative writing to young students and business English to working professionals. Our course instructors are TEFL qualified and are native English speakers.

ESL – CEFR Level Curriculum

A1 – C2

Creative Writing

7-18 years

Business English

Vocabulary, Speaking in a work context, Business writing

Benefits of  Bear English School

Online Learning

We use ESL content designed according to International English standards. Our creative writing content for young learners is educational.


Our online Instructors are experienced, trained and TEFL certified. Register now to get access to our pool of Native English speakers.


Our learning system ensures you receive timely feedback from instructors. This is easily assessable on the student dashboard.


Our system is designed for you to access, submit and receive feedback via the student dashboard.


Practice lesson content by doing free educational online quizzes.

Live Classes

Join private or group lessons from the student dashboard.

Learn English Online with live instructors                          

English For Professionals 

Live and Private Lessons

Private and Group Business English Lessons. Learn at your own time and pace.

Quality Learning System

Access live lessons and material on the student dashboard. Submit assignments online and test yourself with quizzes.


Quality learner feedback and assessment. Instructor chat and student forums available.

Receive Rewards

We award our learners with badges for their excellent work. Badges are awarded to students, based on their performance in after class, task based assessments. These assessments vary from quizzes and assignments. A particular score would need to be attained to receive online badges. We believe in motivating and rewarding our learners, in order to move onto the next level.

Popular Courses.

Learn with Industry leaders and the coolest instructors.


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